The CNSCA Directors discussed requests from the membership to change the rules around viewing targets and around previewing a course.

The discussions resulted in a decision to alter two (2) rules in the best interest of the sport, in the best interest of the shooters and in the best interest of the Association.

1) Effective immediately, Rule VIII-A-5 has been changed from

Shooters Viewing Targets: For Single, Following Pair and Report Pair presentations, only one clear set of ‘View Targets’ shall be presented in normal circumstances. For True Pair presentations, two viewing pairs may be presented if necessary for the shooter to be afforded the opportunity to clearly see the viewing targets. Only the first shooter is permitted to view these targets while in the stand.


Shooter’s Viewing Targets: Up to two (2) clear sets of target presentations may be viewed if necessary. Only the first shooter is permitted to view these targets while in the stand.


2) Effective immediately, Rule VII-C-3 has been changed from

Shoot Officials are responsible for ensuring that competitors are not allowed to test or preview the course prior to the competition.


Shoot Officials are responsible for ensuring that competitors are not allowed to test or pre-shoot any part of the course prior to the competition. Shooting at or near any target while it is in the air before the competition has started is pre-shooting the course (See section VII-K).

A Big Thankyou

To Rick Bryne , West Can Dist.

& Federal Cartridge for Sponsoring

The 5th Annual Sask Fed 400.

Best odds to win a shotgun!

The Bugaboo Blast runs from Friday August 26 to 28 at the Lake Windermere Rod and Gun Club in Radium Hotsprings, BC. 

A non-registered Prelim will take place on Friday August 26 that will include a “Ladies competition” (also known as the Bugaboob Blast) within the Prelim event.

This year, one of the participating ladies will randomly win a ladies’ shotgun that was generously donated for this purpose. There were only 10 ladies participating last year.

Bring your daughter. Bring your sister. Bring your wife. Bring your girlfriend. Bring your wife and your girlfriend!

Men are invited to bring ladies to the event as well :)

1-in-10 sounds like great odds!

Event Details and Online Registration

New Sporting Clays course in Alberta NOW OPEN

Blackmore Shooting Sports

CNSCA National Championships

Station Sponsors Needed!

The Canadian National Sporting Clay Championships being held in Grande Prairie over the Labour Day weekend will be 4 days of spectacular shooting opportunities and a chance to compete against the best in your class in the country.

Station Sponsor signs are available for $300 and will be a 2 foot x 2 foot sign in colour and can contain any words or graphics of your choice (within reason).

If you would like to - or if you can - your contribution through station sponsorship would be greatly appreciated and will help make this championship one for the record books.

Let everyone know you / your company supports the CNSCA by sponsoring a station!

Station Sponsorship Form

Recent events have caused the Board of Directors to review the rule pertaining to Concurrent class awards.

Until now, "Section 1 - D - Concurrent Classes" stated that:

"A shooter winning an award in class will be eliminated from winning an award in a concurrent class".

This rule has changed and now reads:

Section 1 - D - Concurrent Classes
Ladies, Juniors and Sub-Juniors shall be eligible to win awards in all Classes and Special Classes in which they qualify.
Veterans and Super-Vets (other than Lady Vets or Lady Super Vets) winning an award in Class shall be eliminated from winning awards in concurrent events.

This rule change was discussed, voted on and passed by a majority of Directors on May 5, 2014. This rule change takes effect immediately.

Kind regards,
Bill Campbell
CNSCA Secretary

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